What does this do?

SlimTweet tries to shorten a message by applying a set of rules. For example, and will be replaced by &, while it is will be replaced by it's.

Substitutions will be made one at a time until the message reaches a target length (140 characters by default).

If SlimTweet still can't make the message fit, it will start tweaking the Unicode characters which make up your message, without changing its appearance too much. For example, the digraph vi will be replaced by the roman numeral character . When rendered in a standard font, these substitutions are nearly insible.

Anything else?

Yes! SlimTweet will also interpret some special formatting instructions, for instance *bold* will translate the characters between the asterisks into a bold unicode alphabet. It will be rendered as 𝐛𝐨𝐥𝐝.

Actually, no, not at the moment. The 'bold' unicode character range is not well supported on Android devices, so it's disabled for now. It will be an option you can turn on if you want it later.

Limited superscript and subscript translations can also be used, for instance x^2 is rendered as x², and H_{2}O will be rendered as H₂O.

But why?

Ever need to fit that tweet into just slightly fewer characters? Now you can get SlimTweet to give you a hand. It's not cheating, I promise¹!

¹ Actually, it is kind of cheating